With over 15 years of expertise in digital marketing for corporations and startups, I thrive on seeing between the cracks of obstacles to ensure company-wide, cross-functional synchronicity.

When it comes to breaking down silos, streamlining processes to a fraction of their original time frame, championing future-forward ideas and digital transformation, I’m in my element. If it requires imagination, self assurance, collaboration, strategy and leadership, count me as your greatest asset.

In the worlds of customer experience, brand identity, app store marketing, integrated marketing, CRM, interactive marketing, content marketing, social media, and public relations, I’ve developed inventive, thoughtful strategies to deliver growth, increase brand affinity, customer engagement, and thought leadership within related markets.

Timing is everything in today’s user-driven digital marketing landscape. To be successful, understanding the market, what to say, and how and when to say are vital. From GTM to EOS, having a seasoned marketer who is driven to consistently listen, grow, and stay ahead can make all the difference. Using trail-blazing audience experience-driven strategies, I have worked with numerous household brands to deliver creative campaigns to achieve and exceed their goals. My success with brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, TIAA, LinkedIn, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Kimberley-Clark, has earned industry accolades.

However, with a learner mindset, my most valuable skillset is yet to come.

To quote the John Hughes character, Ferris Bueller (who, incidentally, would have been a superstar of today’s social media universe), “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it.”

Keywords: Mobile marketing design and strategy, ASO, SEM, CX, brand strategy, CRM, SEO, ABM, social media, blogs, public relations, interactive media, UX design, copywriting, journalism, podcasting, communication, creative writing, competitive analysis, market research, advertising, content marketing strategy, content strategy, internet marketing, promotions, video production, project management, graphic design.

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