Having begun my career as a journalist and online news media producer, I am a natural storyteller.

Transporting my engaging narrative style to the world of app store marketing, interactive marketing, content marketing, social media, and public relations, I’ve developed innovative strategies to build brands and to increase brand affinity, customer engagement, and thought leadership within related markets. 

As a leader in storytelling for Symantec’s global brands, my key focus is to develop a strategy of producing and distributing proactive, intelligent content that connects with and engages an audience, and showcases the value of the company’s exceptional brilliance in cyber security innovation.

Creating content that is helpful to customers is key in today’s mobile-digital landscape. Within the first year of launching the mobile application, CheckPoints, I increased user following and engagement by over 500 percent, and shaped the user-facing culture, as well as the UX design of the application.Using trail-blazing interactive mobile marketing strategies, I worked with household brands to build creative campaigns to lift purchase intent and brand awareness. My contributions to creative mobile campaigns with Kimberly-Clark, Disney and Walmart helped to a nomination for a Mobi Award in 2011.

I believe in keeping pace with modern technologies, but also in strategy, research and assessing which platforms work best for individual businesses and consumer markets. 

To quote the John Hughes character, Ferris Bueller (who, incidentally, would have been a superstar of today’s social media universe), “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it.”

Specialties: Mobile marketing design and strategy, ASO, SEM, brand development strategy, SEO, social media, blogs, public relations, interactive media, UX design, copywriting, online journalism, podcasting, communication, creative writing, new media, competitive analysis, market research, advertising, content marketing strategy, internet marketing, promotions, video production, project management, graphic design.

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